Warner Bischof exhibition at Tre Oci

Una mostra che mi ha regalato moltissimo. Bischof non è solo un grande reporter tra i grandi del fotogiornalismo, ma anche un sapiente sperimentatore della luce. Piacevolissima scoperta quella della serie fotografica tra il 1934-44 di nature morte e macro fotografie che sembrano scattate ai giorni d’oggi. Il trionfo della bellezza contemplativa.

An exhibition that gave me a lot. Bischof was not only a great reporter among the greatest photoreporter, but also a brillant light experimenter. The photography serie (1934-45) of still life and macro photoghraps was an enjoyable discovery, which seams taken during our century. The triumph of contemplative beauty.




FocusOff: Vernissage at Puk Gallery


The opening of my new Exhibition “FocusOff”, was amazing . Thank you for being so numerous and passionate. Thanks to those who were there with his heart and mind. Thanks to those who wrote and talked about me. Thanks to those who always support me and believe in me. Each of you is part of me and gives me power.
Together, we rediscovered the art of observing with wonder our surroundings and the joy of sharing experiences.
Thanks 💐

Check here the video of the opening

Photo shooting of the opening by Veronica De Martin